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Olubrain is a technology company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We build technology products, services and solutions for a wide range of clients.



Here are a few projects we have worked on. Some others may not appear here due to NDAs and other agreements with clients.


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What We Do

Web Design

Looking to build a beautiful website? Let's help you design it first.

Product Design

Do you have a product idea (Eg. Mobile App)? Let's design it together.

Web Development

Let's help you build a full functioning website for either personal use or your business.

Product Development

Let's help you build the right technology that will bring your idea to life.

Software Development

Do you need bespoke software for your Organisation? Let us help you build one.

Why Choose Us?

Free Consultation

Before we begin with your project, we offer a free consultation on what you want to build.

Money-back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that pigs fly and we end up building something different from what you asked us for, you'll be refunded in full. No stories.


Whether it's an online store, enterprise software, or online portfolio, we work with diverse teams that are skilled in various areas, so we're more than likely to always get the job done to your requirements. 

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