Product Development

Our Product Development team focuses on the end-to-end process from idea to market launch. This consists of user research, prototyping, testing, design and more, which helps us define the right market for your product, as well as design and build according to the needs of your potential users.

Our Process

Steps may vary depending on business scope.


Project Plan - We meet with you (physically or virtually) to discuss and understand the problem or need your idea addresses.


Research - We carry out research and define the appropriate market for your product.


Design - We build prototypes and test the product according to our research results.


TestingWe carry out further usability tests.


Feedback - We give you feedback based on the behaviours of your potential users.


Product LaunchWe work with you to get the product ready for market launch.


Production - We build the product and the technology behind it.


Handover - We hand over all product ownership to you.


Product Management

In cases where businesses have launched a product into the market but unable to build traction, we offer product management services which consist of a dedicated team of product specialists that focus on managing the growth and value addition of the product. We focus on getting your product into the right market (Product-Market Fit).

Our Process


AnalysisIn the first phase, we analyse the current situation of your product in the market and the immediate needs. This may include market definition, focus groups and more, depending on your needs.


​​Team StructureBased on our findings, we mobilise an in-house product management team to address the problem and get your product on the right track.


Product Consultancy

Our product consultants are experts in multiple fields with very diverse skillsets. We help businesses manage resources as well as make the right decisions when building or managing a product. Starting with a new idea? Let our consultants help you put the right plans in place before spending any money on building your product.


Sometimes, it is difficult to decide what to build; a web app or a mobile app? Native or Hybrid? Where/How do you build your database? These are some of the questions we help you answer.

Our Process


Analysis - We analyse the current situation and gather the necessary information.


Consult - We consult based on your business needs and guide you towards a viable path to success.